AVG Firewall Error

To rectify your issue, take the following steps:

A) Check whether any program on your computer might be in conflict with AVG Firewall (such as another firewall, network filtering/monitoring utility, or anti-virus), try to remove the conflicting program.

B) If no conflicting program is installed, try resetting the Firewall configuration, this will resolve issues caused by a corrupted configuration:

To reset the Firewall configuration:
1. Open the AVG Program.
2. Click the Firewall component.
3. Click Regenerate configuration.
4. Follow the displayed steps to reset your firewall configuration.
5. Restart the computer.

After restarting the computer, you may be presented with AVG Firewall dialogs related to applications you have previously allowed or blocked.

C) If the issue persists, perform a repair installation of AVG

To perform a repair installation of AVG:
1. Download the latest installation file from this webpage:

(AVG Internet Security 2012)

2. Click the "Download" button, and when asked, choose to save the file.
3. Choose the Desktop, and then click Save.
4. Double-click the AVG installation file.
5. Click Repair installation and follow the wizard.
6. When the installation is complete, restart the computer.

D) If the issue persists even after the repair installation, send AVG Support the diagnostic data from your computer.

To send AVG Support the diagnostic data:
1. Download runner.avgdx on this link:

2. Double-click the file, the AVG Diagnostics tool will start automatically.
3. Type your e-mail address and a detailed issue description into the appropriate areas.
4. Click "Diagnose and send results.”

This will provide AVG Support with additional program data and log files, which will allow them to further analyze the issue and find the proper solution.