Computer Slows down after installing AVG 2012

Follow these steps:

A) Is there an AVG test running at the time the slowdown is apparent?
- Open the AVG Program and check whether there is a running test displayed in the left part of the window.

B) What processes are using the most CPU?

To find out this information:
2. In the new window, click the Processes tab.
3. Click the CPU header to sort the list by CPU usage.

C) During which activities do you observe the slowdown (going through your files, browsing the Internet, etc.)?

D) Does disabling some components change the situation? Please disable only one component at a time and check whether the slowdown still occurs:

1. Resident Shield (click the Anti-Virus component in AVG and clear the "Enable Resident Shield" checkbox -> Save changes).
2. Online Shield (click the LinkScanner component and clear the "Enable Online Shield" checkbox -> Save changes).
3. LinkScanner (click the LinkScanner component and clear the "Enable Search-Shield" and "Enable Surf-Shield" checkboxes -> Save changes).
4. Firewall (click the Firewall component and click "Firewall is disabled" -> Save changes).
5. Identity Protection (click the Identity Protection component and clear the "Activate Identity Protection" check box -> Save changes).
6. Cache Server (click the Tools -> Advanced settings -> Anti-Virus -> Cache Server and clear the "Caching enabled" checkbox -> OK).

E) Do you use any other anti-virus or security product on your computer?

F) Use the AVG Diagnostics tool to help AVG Support diagnose the problem.

To provide the results of the AVG Diagnostics tool:
1. Download runner.avgdx on this link:

2. Double-click the saved file, the tool will start automatically.
3. Type your e-mail address and a detailed issue description into the appropriate areas.
4. Click "Diagnose and send results.”

AVG Support will analyze this data and contact you with further information.