How to open a specific port in AVG Firewall

Follow these steps to allow a specific port:

1. Open the AVG Program.
2. On the Tools menu, click "Firewall settings."
3. In the left tree menu under Profiles, expand the profile you are currently using.
4. Click "System services."
5. Click "Manage user system rules," and then click Add.
6. In the new window, for "protocol," select "TCP"
7. For "direction," select "Both ways," and then click OK.
8. For "local port(s)," click "User selected ports; check a port in the list or add your own to the edit box", type the port you need to open, and then click OK.
9. For "remote port(s)," select "All ports (0 - 65535)," and then click OK.
10. For "remote address(es)," select "All Networks," and then click OK.
11. Confirm all windows by clicking OK.